Burst of Creativity

Friday, November 8, 2019

Beautiful Chaos

"It feels like chaos," one might say.  From the looks and sounds of the video, one might think that "chaos" was the primary objective of this lesson plan.  WRONG!  These students are in groups of two's and three's working together to prepare the rhythm on the Smartboard.  Using http://www.rhythmrandomizer.com, the students see a rhythm pop up, practice it with their partner, discuss changes they need to make, and then the whole class performs in unison the correct answer.  Mr. Henry gives points for the group attempt and different classes can go against each other in some friendly competition in "Rhythm Football".  A few short seconds of practice and then, voila!  This class performed the rhythm together perfectly after this video ended.  

Musicians need to be independent thinkers who also can work with others to create the beauty of unified art, and it all begins here!

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