Burst of Creativity

Friday, September 27, 2019

Fry's Young Composers Club!

Today, Fry's first 5th grade Young Composers Club started with over 30 kids!  Today, we spent most of our time getting acquainted with Noteflight- the program we will use to compose our music this year.  The energy in the room was AMAZING, and this kids are going to tear it up!  They are watching a video clip from Clow's Young Composer Club and getting a feel for the amazing end product.  To think that there are over 30 students who will compose their first piece of music AND have the opportunity to hear it performed live by Waubonsie Valley High School students...it's mind blowing and SO exciting!  #gonnabeagreatyear


  1. Hey Mr. Henry! This is Sparsh here. I am doing this comment from my mom's computer. Glad to know that fry has started a young composers club. I am still using the account you gave us in fifth grade for my own compositions

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