Carmen's Composition

Friday, February 3, 2017


Our first graders at Clow and Fry have been busy composing their own melody using three notes- "SOL", "LA", AND "MI"!  We notated each child's melody into an amazing program called Noteflight during class (and a student created the drum beat!).  All students helped label the "solfege" syllables, which is a system we use to help students understand the relationships between musical pitches.  This is a clip of 1BK singing 1MK's song for the FIRST time!  The goal: perseverance and learning how to follow/sing a three note melody.  For the first time, I was proud of them for their perseverance.  These guys are reading music better than I could at their age!


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  3. Oh my God! this kid is so talented. When I was in fifth grade I never played cello this good. This kid is seriously talented.

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