Burst of Creativity

Monday, January 25, 2016

Art of Composition

Composition is the art of improvising in slow motion.  However, improvisation often doesn't lend itself to reflective thought and modification of the musical idea one produces.  Composition, on the other hand, is an intensely reflective process which often incorporates much modification.  For both, we use the musical knowledge we have to create new musical thoughts.  Here are some clips of Fry third graders performing their "Question-Answer" composition.  Students built their own F pentatonic scale on the instruments and used it as a basis for composition.  We learned how to structure the phrases to give it the question-answer sound.  Notice the alternating feel with the phrases: the first phrase sounds more like a comma, while the second phrase sounds like a firm period.  It takes crafting to making sensible musical phrases!  Way to go, third graders!

Soham and Ishaan 3GP

Natalie and Shria 3GP

Sahana and Jayna 3Y

Isaiah and Tadhg 3Y

Madison and "Crazy K" Kennedy 3Y

Kyle and Jaden 3Y


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