The Cotton Candy Song!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This Wasn't An Assignment; It Was Desire.

Nathan's Experiment.

LISTEN TO EXCERPT HERE. Then, listen for this melody in the video below!  Scroll to minute marker 1:15!

Ethan's Experiment.

LISTEN TO EXCERPT HERE.  Then, listen for this melody in the intro of the video below!

This is where it all begins- creative exploration and passion.  Fry fifth grader Ethan Huynh and his fourth grade brother, Nathan, are making great use of Fry's new Noteflight composing software.  This an online program which allows its users to compose music and interact with each other, much like a social network but through the framework of composition.

I have the joy of seeing when students log in and what they are composing.  I also have the ability to comment on their work and give them feedback.  We haven't used the program for a class project yet, but I've give students their login information and have highly encouraged them to GO EXPLORE!

This morning, I was thrilled to see that Ethan has been active in his account.  He took a theme that he enjoyed and experimented with notating it!  Then I found out that Ethan was sharing his account with his brother Nathan so that he could also compose- how NICE!  Students like these are exactly the reason I wanted Fry to purchase the individual student accounts in Noteflight. I am not expecting every student to grab a hold of this on an incredible personal level (though all my 5th graders will use it for a class project later this year).  But if ONE student's life is changed because he/she had the OPPORTUNITY to learn to use composition software at a young age, then it's worth every penny.

I am SO proud of Ethan and Nathan, and I can only imagine what exploration this early on in their lives will do for theme down the road!

Future Composers!
           Nathan                           Ethan



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