Burst of Creativity

Friday, September 18, 2015

Masterful Thinkers

This isn't just a kids chant about bubbles, and they aren't just three kids.

These are three young musicians (Pierre, Sara, and Allison; Clow 2M) who are masterfully developing the skill of audiation, or the art of "thinking musically".  Edwin Gordon, a predominant name in the field of research and music education, describes audiation below:

Audiation is the foundation of musicianship.  It takes place when we hear and comprehend music for which the sound is no longer or may never have been present...it is a cognitive process by which the brain gives meaning to musical sounds.  Audiation is the musical equivalent of thinking in language.

Do you want to see this in practice?  Watch their faces the second time through the chant.  Absolute, 100%, pure focus.  In the minds of these musicians, they are thinking in a musical language which allows them to perform their instrument at the right time.

What we didn't tell you is that that they were ALSO thinking about the specific classification of their own instrument (drum= membrane family, claves= wood family, and triangle= metal family).  At the last minute, I told them which family should play on what lyrics.  I turned the camera on, and they did it.  This requires GREAT focus from these students.

If we want masterful thinkers, we need our kids in music...forever. 



  1. They are really three musketeers of music industry. Hope they will do great things when they are old in music industry. Looking to know more about these three kids.

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