Burst of Creativity

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Meet Nico: An Overcomer

Something amazing happened in Fry's 4A class today.  We've been singing the song "Wings of a Dove" and talking about what it means to have a "safe place".  The students have practiced performance posture and singing in small groups, but today was the day for solo singing.  They were pumped, ready to overcome their fears.

Nico was a bit nervous.  However, he knew that he wanted to volunteer to sing solo in class today just to gain the experience.  In a previous class, Nico pondered the idea of solo singing, but he wanted to wait for the right time.  TODAY was the right time.  In front of an incredibly supportive class, he first sang the song, first facing the other direction.  We were all so excited to hear his singing voice! He has such a great voice in him!  He felt so encouraged by his peers, that he decided to conquer his fear of singing in front of people.  He turned around and sang the song again.  This was HUGE growth for Nico, and it is proof that music builds our confidence and pushes us to go beyond what we every thought we could do.  He's all primed and ready for chorus now, which was a GREAT decision on his part!  It would be wasteful to not have this voice in Fry Chorus!

Great job, Nico...and a special shout out to our camera-lady, Cassidy LoRocco!


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