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Friday, September 11, 2015

Patriot Day Hero

I have the privilege of introducing you to Henry, one of my 1st grade students at Clow.  Henry did something today that absolutely blew me away, and you need to hear about it.  Small acts of integrity are where tomorrow's heroes are born.

In preparation for our "exploring percussion" activity today, I told Henry's class, "Please do not play your instrument when you pick it up.  After everyone gets their instrument, I'm going to ask those who had the self-control to not play to raise their hand."

The students all got up, picked up their instruments, and many of them started to play (common for early-in-the-year 1st grade!).  However, through the clatter, my attention was drawn to Henry.  He sat quietly with his instrument in his lap, waiting for my invitation to play.  I thought to myself, "Now here is a boy who has conquered his desire to explore and replaced it with a desire to do what's right."

After all the students had their instruments I asked, "Now, who has not played their instrument ONCE after they picked it up?"

A few hands went up.  I looked toward Henry to be sure he was raising his hand.  To my surprise, he wasn't.  So, I applauded the rest of the students for their self-control, and then I proceeded to ask Henry, "Henry, I watched you and I am pretty sure that you didn't play."  Henry looked at me and, filled with honesty, he said, "When I first got my instrument, I played it one time."

Oh. My. Goodness!  I was amazed at his honesty and integrity!  I exclaimed, "Henry!  I am so proud of you for being 100% honest!  You could have easily said, 'Well, I did a good ENOUGH job, I deserve to put my hand up.'  But you didn't!  You valued honesty and integrity over being acknowledged for doing something right.  THIS is GREAT character.

Henry, thanks for setting a great example of character!  You are a hero!  I told a kindergarten class about your self control AND honesty today, and look how they handled the rhythm sticks SO well!

Happy Patriot Day, a celebration of American hero's!  Today, we added one to the list!


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  1. This is indeed the result of great parenting. Teaching your child to be honest is one of the best things someone can make their child learn.