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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Clow Kindergartners Use Music to Inspire!

When I found out that one of my Clow kindergarten students was in the hospital from a severe heart failure, my own heart was so heavy for her.  She is a beautiful little girl with an amazing smile.  I have a kindergartner myself, I can't imagine having to watch him endure what she is enduring.  So, one day I got an idea to write a song just for Kayden.  I love using music to inspire others, so it was a joy to get creative on behalf of this little girl.  I taught it to the kindergartners, and they had amazing ideas on how we could add movement to help tell the lyrics.  This is what they came up with, and we all performed this with a true desire for Kayden to get better quickly!

"Kayden Strong"

To Kayden, 
from your Clow Cougar Kindergarten Friends!
Everything will be alright,
Everything will be okay,
We're your friends and we'll stay by your side,
and you're a strong, strong girl,
and you're a strong, strong girl,
and you're a strong, strong girl.​

And when the skies are looking gray,
just remember the sun is on his way!
And we can't wait until that day
when we all will sing and celebrate!

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  1. Great song Mr. Henry! Jane has performed it several times at home. It is very thoughtful and inspiring. I'm sure it brought a smile to Kayden's face! Thanks for all that you do!