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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

WATCH: Neuqua Guest Musicians Have POWERFUL Answers!

Meet Federico (voice), Elise (clarinet), and Jen (violin).  We were so fortunate to welcome these amazing guests from the NVHS Tri-M Music Honor Society today in Fry's 3P, 3D, and 4T classes. Clow's 3rd grade can look forward to meeting more Tri-M students in the coming week!  Once upon a time, Frederico began his music journey at Kendall Elementary, Elise at Springbrook Elementary, and Jen at Patterson Elementary.  These students were so well-spoken, respectful, and informative (they must be musicians)!  Our students asked great questions regarding their experiences, and we heard them play their instruments.  I wish these students could have hung out with every class, but our schedules didn't align.  HOWEVER, I can share their amazing responses to two of my questions:

1) In what way has being a musician is prepared you for your future?
2) When it comes to the social world, how has being involved with music impacted that for you?

#musicisrelevant :)

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